Original SLIMY

The original SLIMY ™ – Endless entertainment for all ages.

SLIMY ™- the one-of-a-kind ooey, gooey slime toy made with a patented Swiss formula using all natural ingredients. Young and old alike will enjoy endless hours of oozing, goopy fun with classic Slimy and other popular Slimy products. 100% child safe.

Playing with Slimy is educational too. Squish it! Make cool shapes! Feel its clammy ooze gloop through your fingers! Stretch it! Smell it! Awaken your child’s inner Michelangelo, improve your child’s fine motor skills, and have some ooze-tastic, creative fun yourself!

Singing Power Light SLIMY

This special Power Light SLIMY glows in the dark and comes up with a magic sound! Leave your SLIMY under the light then watch it glow when the light goes off and listen to its voice.

Dinosaur in my SLIMY

Rooooooaaaarrrrrr! Glimpse into prehistoric times and watch your mini-dino emerging from its Slimy-egg. Experience thrilling adventures from a long forgotten world and have lots of playing fun. 4 eggs, 4 colors, 12 dinosaurs to collect! Those dinos love SLIMY™!

Mini Ooops SLIMY

This is the original Slimy Mini Oops – the fart in the can. Put your finger in the can and experience a fart from the can instead from the pants. Pfrrout! Ooops! Who did that?!

The Original Toilet Bowl

Fart pad was yesterday! With this special Slimy icon you’ll get greatest fart sounds out of the toilet-shaped jar. Pfrrout! Ooops! Who did that?! Wasn’t me:-).

Bag Man and Squeeze

SLIMY Squeeze It Heads. Shock everybody with a big smile. Squeeze the heads until the SLIMY oozes out.


Spooky! Take the head off the bag, peel off the seal and squeeze the bag until the SLIMY oozes out. Put the SLIMY into the head, squeeze it back to the bag and exchange their heads to any other bag.

Alyenz Invasion

Alyenz in Energy Tube. The alyenz have landed! They have travelled trough galaxies for thousands of years in their rocket eggs full of slimy. Collect the 6 original alyenz in their spaceships.


Dualynator is the ultimate galactic Alyenz Battleship and super power Slimy mixing machine. Put two Energy Tubes in your Dualynator and see them mixing colors and powers!


Living in the twilight zone. Awake the 5 living dead and monsters in a SLIMY.


The Slimy Turbo Tube is pure fun.


For newer ending turbo fun.