We are JOKER Entertainment – Our focus is the development and manufacturing of leading toy experiences

From local to global

JOKER Entertainment is a part of the JOKER Group, a toy company that was founded in 1979 to distribute the famous MATCHBOX® cars in Switzerland. Soon, JOKER became the partner of many other toy brands, such as Barbie, Carrera and FLEISCHMANN. Today, JOKER sells its products in over 70 countries and has offices in Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong and China.

One of the biggest successes of JOKER was the invention of SLIMY, a slimy substance that kids have loved since 1985 . SLIMY has been a worldwide hit that is bought every 15 seconds. SLIMY is so popular that it even appeared in movies like Flubber and Aliens.

JOKER Entertainment continuously develops and manufactures new leading toy products and compounds, and is the creator of hundreds of innovative and fun toys. JOKER Entertainment is establishing its leading position in the toy industry by offering high-quality, safe and exciting products for kids of all ages.